You need to see this Guo Pei-centric high jewellery collection by Chopard


Text: Angelyn Kwek

Image: Benoit Peverelli

Aptly named ‘Silk Road’, Chopard has collaborated with fashion designer Guo Pei for an opulent haute joaillerie collection based on her couture dresses

If you've always thought Chinese designer Guo Pei's lavish creations were meant to have a jewellery counterpart, the Chopard Silk Road collection is it. In a meeting of like minds, passion and boundless creativity, Caroline Scheufele and Guo Pei have put their thinking hats together and the result is a breathtaking, glittering assemblage that's a dreamy vision of Asia.

Inspired by the intricate and fine embroidery signature of Guo Pei gowns, her lush palette of colours and fabrics are translated from garment to jewellery, and the full wardrobe is a vast collection of architectural pieces featuring flowing lines, luxe volume, and an inherent sense of lightness. Crafted ever so meticulously to resemble the delicate fold of a gown to the exquisite lacework stitching, Chopard's artisanal and technical know-how is displayed in every stone and silhouette. Dazzling creations include a diamond lacework Peter Pan collar necklace with a detachable central emerald and a pair of teardrop earrings carved from jade. With a display during Haute Couture week in Paris and a strut down the runway in the Guo Pei show, the Silk Road collection is couture at its finest.

Check out the pieces alongside the gowns designed by Guo Pei in the gallery above.

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