SevenFriday’s V-series brings industrial chic to a new level

Engineered for success

SevenFriday’s V-series brings industrial chic to a new level
A unique shape and dial make the new series an interesting addition

Industrial and masculine, is one of the ways to describe the V-series by SevenFriday. It looks like an engine and almost immediately, you can see how the theme is incorporated on the dial. From the feel and the aesthetic, this versatile timepiece is not for those looking just to tell the time.

Several elements make this timepiece stand out from the M and P series by the watch manufacturer. Firstly, a slight yet unmistakable difference in the case shape. Rounded on the edges, the new shape sits perfectly on the wrist. 


The second is the way in which you read the time. It may take some getting used to, but with a dial like this, it is worth the effort. Instead of the usual 12 digits in a full circle, you read the hours of an inner dial visible on the top right hand corner of the face. With four digits displayed, you simply add them to the numbers indicated on the small innermost dial in the middle-confusing, we know — but hang in there. Sandwiched between the case and the hour indicator is a ring that shows you the minutes. Ultimately, this means that the timepiece only needs one hand, instead of two.


Another aspect of the V-series that is unique is in the chipped back case. With the rise of counterfeits entering the market, SevenFriday has now equipped all timepieces in the V Series with a NFC chip. This allows you to scan the watch, and check the authenticity with the help of a nifty app on your mobile device. With a positive result, be rest assured that the piece is authentic. By registering the timepiece, the owner will join a SevenFriday community and be clued in on features and services only for registered users.

The final point that makes the V-series different is the interchangeable straps. The timepiece is completed with a sturdy domed mineral glass on the case and a soft matt calf skin leather strap. Presented in a miniature crate, it is the ultimate timepiece to showcase your masculinity. 

Text: Vimidamini Haridasan

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