September birthstone-inspired jewellery pieces to love and lust over

September birthstone-inspired jewellery pieces to love and lust over

Blue is the warmest colour

Text: Angelyn Kwek

To all the September babies out there, here are some of the cool blue sapphire jewellery pieces to rock in honour of your birthstone

September in Singapore usually calls to mind one of two things: Formula 1 season and all manner of high-octane social events along with the accompanying eats and treats, or fashion week and all the sartorial savvy the fa-shun inclined peeps will eat up. But cast your thoughts to a more astral plane and it takes on a very different meaning. Historically observed as the period for the Autumn and Vernal equinoxes depending on which half of the earth you fall on (either the Northern or Southern hemisphere), the ninth month is also traditionally represented by the sapphire — henceforth the birthstone for all those born within its 30 days.

In gem-speak, the brilliant blue stone represents loyalty and trust, and was also believed to protect loved ones from harm during the Middle Ages. Part lucky charm and part fine jewellery, most folks would just wear a sapphire pendant on a necklace and call it a day, but if you're not looking to settle for anything less than jewellery that's tribute and style in one package, you're going to need non-basic alternatives. Well, here's some sapphire embellished bling to jazz up your person if you're celebrating your birthday this month (why yes, they make great gifts to yourself):

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