Punk revival: The Skylab 48 Speed Metal Skull

The skull clique

Punk revival: The Skylab 48 Speed Metal Skull
Rock things up with RJ-Romain Jerome’s unconventional Skylab 48 Speed Metal Skull

Let some of your inner rebel shine through with the distinctive Skylab 48 Speed Metal Skull, a skeleton timepiece that proclaims the avant-garde flair of the punk subculture. 

Inspired by the golden ages of punk from the '80s and its ensuing street trend of tagging skulls upon the wheels, rims and hubcaps of cars — known as 'skulls n' wheels' — this colourful proliferation is the pivot that launched the independent Swiss maison's creation of the bold 48mm-sized watch. Championed by the iconic skateboarding crew The Bones Brigade, their graphic street art influenced and popularised today's punk scene and is the basis for the aesthetics of the Skylab 48.

A bi-coloured frame highlights the contrast between the steel polished paws; lugs and satin-finished black-PVD coated steel bezel. A first for RJ-Romain Jerome, the skeleton movement is characterised by straight vertical and horizontal bridges. A stylised skull augments the skeleton dial, simultaneously emphasising and revealing the watch's transparency with the barrel at the twelve o'clock mark, the balance wheel at six o'clock and the train at nine. Beyond its charismatic visual, this set-up combines the functions of the back steel spring with the click, the lever and the trigger.

Coated in glowing neon tones, the skull applique is manufactured with anodised aluminium for corrosion resistance, ensuring the quality of the timepiece and the longevity of its colours. A technical intricacy of watchmaking finesse paired with a fierce marque representative of punk spirit, the Skylab 48 Speed Metal Skull bids you to buck tradition with the best of them.

The Skylab 48 Speed Metal Skull collection is available at The Hour Glass and consists of 12 different colours, limited to 9 pieces each.

Text: Angelyn Kwek

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