Conquer the safari with the latest additions to RJ-Romain Jerome’s Steampunk universe

Conquer the safari with the latest additions to RJ-Romain Jerome’s Steampunk universe

Watch of the wild

Text: Angelyn Kwek

If Tarzan had a watch, it’d be the RJ-Romain Jerome Steampunk Urban Safari

We stand by the above declaration, because the Steampunk Urban Safari is the haute horlogerie incarnation of unadulterated wild spirit. Brimming with a machismo that gives new definition to 'safari big game', the watch is an imposing 50mm in diametre (for the manliest of wrists) and wears like a trophy with its leopard print pattern on the strap and partially upon the dial. A slice of the jungle meant for its concrete city counterpart, the timepiece additionally rocks RJ-Romain Jerome's unique Steampunk aesthetics, integrating the dial into the Urban Safari's RJ00-AS mechanical self-winding movement to give it an overall raw appeal.

From different finishes and mechanical components visibly seen with the naked eye — including pistons, hex nuts and the circular graining of its calibre — this striking Steampunk extension is further enforced with a textured bezel made of oxidised steel. All it takes is one glimpse to elicit a provocative response; a stylistic tip of the hat to SAPE, a dandy-esque fashion movement from the Congo that reads as 'Society of Ambiance-Makers and Elegant People', which inspired the creation of the Urban Safari. And if upping the ante on outrageously daring is the mission of this expedition, a diamond-embellished red gold edition of the watch — in extremely rare quantities — exists for the very brave few. No doubt about it, your prowl is on-point when you equip this emblematic RJ-Romain Jerome piece.

The RJ-Romain Jerome Steampunk Urban Safari is available at authorised retailer The Hour Glass, limited to 25 pieces for the black model and 5 pieces for the red gold model.