Get an oceanic close-up with the RJ-Romain Jerome Deep Blue Octopus

Get an oceanic close-up with the RJ-Romain Jerome Deep Blue Octopus

Enter the kraken

Text: Angelyn Kwek

RJ-Romain Jerome is diving deep with a new addition to its Sea Universe collection, the Deep Blue Octopus

Out of all the mysteries of Mother Nature, the deep is home to its fair share of unknown marine flora and fauna, and it's posited that less than 5 per cent of its vast depths have been explored (we looked up the stats). But throwing light on one enigmatic ocean-dwelling creature is RJ-Romain Jerome with the Deep Blue Octopus, a highly crafted watch that takes after its organic namesake.

Brandishing an all-black façade made of PVD-coated steel, the timepiece is meticulously detailed with a notched bezel that actually contains a piece of the Titanic — yes, the sunken mega liner, albeit oxidised and stabilised to fit upon the 47mm-sized frame. A textured look and feel integrated with cephalopod characteristics — drawing synchronicities with eight head screws on the case and caseback, as well as eight rivets on each crown — the Swiss maison has replicated the octopus' bilateral symmetry by pairing two crowns at 3 and 9 o'clock. The former activates an elapsed time controller while the latter sets the time; pushers which supplement its exclusive internal unidirectional rotating sapphire bezel, powered by the RJ002-A2 mechanical self-winding calibre. Fronted by a stylised octopus, the dial also sports graduated five-minute indicators that branch out along the tentacles to visually mirror the gritty ocean floor — a feat accomplished by reproducing the skeleton of a sea urchin for its baseplate, which is then covered with a transparent blue resin to mimic the ocean's colour.

And once lowlight conditions kick in, the eight-legged beast seemingly slips away into the shadowy waters, much like how it's able to camouflage itself in real life, as the dial lights up with a blue luminescence. Paired with a black vulcanised rubber strap that reveals rows of suction cups on the underside, this new addition to the Sea Universe is undoubtedly the haute horlogerie relation of the octopus. Going beyond skin-deep, the Deep Blue Octopus is also a true blue marine timepiece, capable of submerging up to 888 feet underwater for all your dive excursions (see what RJ-Romain Jerome did there?).

RJ-Romain Jerome Deep Blue Octopus

The RJ-Romain Jerome Deep Blue Octopus is limited to 25 pieces, available at authorised retailer The Hour Glass.

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