Artful aesthetics: The Résonances de Cartier collection

Artful aesthetics: The Résonances de Cartier collection


Text: Angelyn Kwek

High jewellery takes on new, graphic form with the Résonances de Cartier

If haute joaillerie didn't have a rhythm before, the Résonances de Cartier is now setting the tone with a collection of precious stones that wears with a new crystalline cadence. In a unique design aesthetic that highlights the stark lines of the gems in all its unfettered brilliance, the collection is as distinctive as they come, boldly embracing freehand lines and powerful contrasts.

Vibrant and graphic, each piece gleams with powerful personality, displaying a shimmering movement created by artfully composed motifs that undulate fluidly under the light. Seen as the bejewelled heart of every creation, that inner fire comes through as a pulsating resonance — hence the aptly christened moniker. Radical yet organic in every facet and cut, these are the diamonds that 'breathe' with a life of their own. 

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