Pomellato's Nudo Pendant is beauty undressed

Pomellato's Nudo Pendant is beauty undressed

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Text: Indah Jayanti

Keeping to its effortless enchantment, Pomellato's Nudo jewellery now comes in a pendant form

Pomellato's Nudo is the gift that keeps on giving. A line distinctly known for its square-cut gem-set statement rings, the Nudo Pendant is yet another extension of Nudo's code: Sophisticated simplicity.

Be captivated by the translucent quality in Nudo's precious stones, available in six hues: Madeira quartz, blue topaz, amethyst, prasiolite, lemon quartz and white topaz. Set in minimal casings paired with rose-gold chains, each gem stands front and centre — tastefully bold in its lack of adornment.

Individually crafted by Italian artisans, unconditional effort and precision lie behind Nudo's unembellished façade. The Nudo Pendant offers women who favor elegance over contrived pieces a classic neckpiece that complements her décolleté with a touch of chic.

Preview the Pomellato Nudo Pendant collection here.