Patek Philippe’s birthday gift to Singapore

Patek Philippe’s birthday gift to Singapore


Text: Vimidamini Haridasan

The birthday celebrations continue with the luxury watchmaker’s dome table clocks

The nation's milestone birthday has inspired luxury watchmaker Patek Philippe to present three unique dome table clocks in her honour. Taking its inspiration from iconic figures, cultures and personalities from Singapore's history, the proceeds from the sale of the creations will help selected beneficiaries in promoting the arts and culture in Singapore. Using the ancient art form of cloisonné enamelling, the outlines are first crafted using gold wires before being filled in with coloured enamel powder.


Starting with the 'Peranakan Collection', the first of three dome table clocks pays tribute to the rich artistic collection of some of the first settlers to the island. With traditional motifs and architectural elements, now synonymous with the Peranakan culture, the table clock uses enamelling on the exterior as well as on the dial itself. Proceeds from the auction of the 'Peranakan Collection' will go to The Peranakan Museum.


The second, the 'Farquhar Collection', takes a leaf from the paintings commissioned by William Farquhar from 1819 to 1823. A lover of botany and animals in the Malay Peninsula, the intricate paintings that inspired the timepiece serve as records of biodiversity that is fast disappearing. The last of the three timepieces is 'The Esplanade-Singapore'. Featuring the geometric shapes of one in Singapore's iconic building, it uses numerous transparent colours to bring out the city skyline. The proceeds from the auction of the 'Farquhar Collection' and 'The Esplanade-Singapore' will go towards the National Museum of Singapore and the Singapore Comchest respectively.


The Dome Table Clocks will be auctioned off at a private event to be held at The National Musuem of Singapore on 23 September 2015.

UPDATE: Auction results
The 'Peranakan Collection' table clock sold for $700,000
The 'Esplanade-Singapore' table clock sold for $750,000
The 'Farquhar Collection' table clock sold for $1,000,000