Watch: Panerai Traits drops its second chapter, dedicated to the pursuit of design


Text: Angelyn Kwek

Discover the constituents that form the purest design in Chapter Two of Panerai Traits with Costas Voyatzis, founder of design portal

With a CV that counts interior designer, stylist and trend forecaster in his professional bag of tricks, Costas Voyatzis is undoubtedly one of the preeminent voices in the world of design and (naturally) the next collaborator in Panerai's new digital project. Titled as 'Revealing Design Purity', the second chapter of Panerai Traits shifts the focus from its previous exploration of light with photographer Jason M. Peterson to the beauty of architecture, as expressed by Voyatzis in the short film.

As he goes about his day in picturesque Milan, Voyatzis shares his insight on what defines design, and how its all-encompassing nature permeates everything around us: From building structures to curio objects, and even the medium through which we perceive design — be it online, magazines, or just the simple act being able to see and feel the make of an item — it is a beating heart that resonates with one's identity. Conveying the concept of purity delineated in the finest of details, Voyatzis aligns his perspective with his choice of timepiece, the Panerai Radiomir 1940 3 Days Automatic. This brings the chapter full circle with the maison and its aesthetic, celebrated for being distinctive and iconic with strong, minimalist lines. A manifestation of design and function co-existing perfectly, every facet of the Radiomir 1940 is an echo of the code by which Panerai's emblematic watches swear by.

Panerai Traits Chapter Two

Always uncovering something new in everyday objects, Voyatzis voices the beauty and appreciation of design done well: "I report on every place I'd like to go back to, every house I'd love to live in, every object I crave to own... and I share the best of the best with the world."

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