10 reasons why you should have your eye on the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Deep Black

Wishlist worthy

Text: Angelyn Kwek

If you’re on the lookout for another timepiece to add to your collection, Omega’s new Seamaster Planet Ocean Deep Black is the one to get

It's never too early or too late to gift yourself with a luxury watch. And even if there isn't a special event looming on the horizon, the launch of a new generation of a celebrated Omega chronometre is an occasion in itself. A collection that strongly resonated with horophiles the world over, Omega now proudly presents the successor to the Planet Ocean series — The new Seamaster Planet Ocean Deep Black.

A vivid profile that combines functionality with style, the Deep Black is a horological marvel made to tough it out whether your fancy is plumbing the depths of the ocean or cruising the skies at peak altitude. Certified a Master Chronometre, we count 10 ways this state-of-the-art timepiece deserves a spot on your must-haves list:

1.  An original crafted from ceramic
Sparing no expense, the Swiss maison has utilised only their most innovative materials in the production. With a case carved entirely from a single block of ceramic — an unusual material for a diving watch, for sure — this remarkable timepiece is a feat of technical engineering with the ability to withstand oceanic pressures of up to 2,000 feet deep at 60 bar. Taking it up another notch, Omega has also outfitted the unidirectional bezels and the dials in the same material.

2. Sleek finishes
An opulent high gloss or a sophisticated matte effect? The Deep Black is available in both variants to suit your personal preference. The black and 18K Sedna gold models reflect a polished glossiness while the red and blue half of the collection are brushed with a matte finish to enable better underwater visibility.

3. A new GMT
In addition to a diving scale sitting perfectly on the ceramic bezel highlighted with either Liquidmetal or Omega Ceragold technology, the dial also sports a new GMT ring fixed upon its 45.5mm face.

4. A unique blend
In another Omega first, the Deep Black touts a unique bezel made from a special combination of rubber and ceramic. This innovative feature is prominently displayed on the blue and red models, stretching across the bezel to cover the first 15 minutes.

5. Hail Liquidmetal
Nominated for its enduring strength and beauty, Liquidmetal coats the GMT, as well as the diving scales. The Black model, in particular, uses this element to create the He symbol on the helium valve and the Omega insignia stamped upon the crown.

6. Sexy caseback
Racking up their list of 'firsts', Omega has created a new oriented caseback using a patented ceramic Naiad Lock. This means the etched wording encircling the caseback will always align in perfect symmetry. Bonus: An alveoli design complements the overall aesthetic with a wave pattern on the underside of the straps.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Deep Black

7. Camo chameleon
While the four different colours might give you a serious selection dilemma, these shades actually serve a functional purpose besides being eye candy. Primarily crafted to be a robust diver's watch, the Deep Black will gradually meld into the darkness that dominates the deep sea, giving you the benefit of camouflage. Indeed, the further you descend into the ocean the lesser the light penetrates, resulting in the loss of colour visibility starting with red then blue. But if you're just coasting the surface (in a yacht or otherwise), the 18K Sedna gold version flashes the perfect amount of understated bling.

8. Waterproofed wearability
It goes without saying that a diver's watch has to be impenetrable to water damage. The Deep Black comes triple signed and sealed on this order: Rubber made fabric-looking straps with contrast stitching, a ceramised titanium foldover clasp and a ceramic clasp cover treated with two types of finishes. Furthermore, this master chronometre has also been shielded with an antibacterial coating for additional protection.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Deep Black

9. Easy readability
While the camouflage function aids you deep beneath the ocean, not being able to tell time as you start your ascend is likely disorienting for some. Using either 18K Sedna gold or 18K white gold, the hands and indexes are crafted to catch the light. White Super Luminova that emits green and blue colours is also filled in to boost legibility.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Deep Black

10. A precision machine
For all its newfangled characteristics, a true and tested Omega Co-Axial Master Chronometer Calibre 8906, which passed the rigorous examinations of the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS), beats at the heart of the Seamaster Planet Ocean Deep Black. With a resistance to magnetic fields, a two directional self-winding ability, a silicon 'Si14' balance spring and a 60-hour power reserve, this is the chronograph that sets the bar for all dive watches.

The Seamaster Planet Ocean Deep Black is available at Omega boutiques.