Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen unveils its first flagship store

Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen unveils its first flagship store

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Text: Angelyn Kwek

Everyone’s favourite Danish fine jewellery brand now has its own flagship store in town

Gone down the route one too many times of asking (read: Harassing) friends and family travelling to Europe to help you get your mitts on merchandise that doesn't make its way to our shores? Well, you can now strike Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen off that shopping list as the luxe Danish label has launched its first Asia-based flagship store in Singapore at Takashimaya Shopping Centre.

Occupying the spot where LaPrendo used to sit, the multi-brand jewellery retailer that brought Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen into our shopping scene has spent the past month refurbishing its former locale, transforming it into a standalone boutique. This is the Danish brand's sixth flagship store, which counts itself among more than 300 other points of sale worldwide. The store reaches out not only to Singaporean fans but also to tourists coming through our country, and will stock the full jewellery rundown as compared to the select collections of the past. Hugely popular with the local crowds, it was clearly the next step for the Royal Danish Court-appointed brand to have its own flagship space. And good thing too, this just made our retail therapy weekend.

The Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen flagship store is at Takashimaya Shopping Centre, Level #3-08C.