This Mouawad jewellery case is a Guinness World Record holder


Text: Angelyn Kwek

Love the Mouawad Flower of Eternity jewellery coffer? It can be yours for 3.5 million dollars

Racking up international acclaim seems to come easily to Mouawad, luxury jeweller to the stars and royalty. And if the name niggles something familiar in your brain, Mouawad is the very same brand that created the 2003 Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra Heidi Klum strutted down the runway in, valued at a mind-boggling 11 million dollars. You know, because your feminine assets need assets of its own.

The five-time Guinness World Record Holder — the only maison to count that many wins in world records (yes, including that Fantasy Bra) — chalks up another one with its Flower of Eternity jewellery coffer, a piece of objet d'art designed and handcrafted by the house's master artisans. Coming in at a cool 3.5 million bucks, this is the most valuable jewellery box in all of existence. It opens up on the top and has one drawer that pulls out to store your precious bling, although keeping it closed and in a display case to admire the jewel-encrusted bloom paints a more likely scenario. Inspired by Mouawad's signature Flower of Eternity motif, the trio of heart-shaped petals symbolises the past, present and future — an emblem of eternal love. Well that's dandy and all, you say, but the real question is: What are the numbers behind this 18K gold and 925 silver-made jewellery box?

Here are the digits:
20.06 carats of rubies
293.24 carats of white and pink diamonds
542.39 carats of white and yellow diamonds
1,799.75 carats of lapis lazuli

Now this is a case (pun intended) of what's on the outside that counts.

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