Shout out to mum with Fred’s Baie des Anges collection this Mother’s Day

Because she's worth it

Shout out to mum with Fred’s Baie des Anges collection this Mother’s Day
For a Mother’s Day present befitting the superwoman she is, the Fred Baie des Anges collection is exactly the gift to get

We get that gift hunting is never easy; the bar is practically set at 'can-I-find-something-this-century' when you've got a truly special person in mind, particularly when it's mummy dearest. And if you've already wowed her with something over the top and flashy last year, you might just panicking internally on what to get if you're still drawing a blank at the two-week countdown mark. So how are you going to outdo yourself (and settle the score for sibling rivalry)?

Fred Baie des Anges collection

Behold poetic symbolism with jewellery from Fred's Baie des Anges series, where every inimitable, asymmetrical line represents a spirited zest for all of life's joys. Steeped in meaning, the collection's irregularly shaped white baroque pearls highlight a natural beauty and modernism that deviates from traditional round pearls. No two pieces are alike, and the precious exquisiteness of every creation is as unique as the woman they're meant for. Whether it's a statement yellow gold necklace to drape over her neck or a stunning pair of pendant earrings decorated with diamonds, this is a Mother's Day gift that comes full circle by trading mum's pearls of wisdom for actual pearls. The way we see it, you can't get more profoundly sentimental and heartfelt than that.

The Baie des Anges collection is available at the Fred boutique at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.

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Text: Angelyn Kwek

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