Watch: Time travel in 50 seconds with the Mini D de Dior Rose des vents

The lucky star trek

Text: Angelyn Kwek

Go on a trippy voyage alongside the newest Dior Rose des vents addition, the Mini D de Dior Rose watch

Christian Dior and Victoire de Castellane are off visiting dinosaurs and pyramids, and you're invited on this time travelling jaunt. Illustrating a journey through time to mark the arrival of the Rose des vents Mini d De Dior collection, the charming animation shows the watch doubling up as a time travel device, taking de Castellane and Monsieur Dior to different epochs with each spin of the windrose emblem — the ultimate symbol of travel. Beloved as the maison's iconic jewellery that wears as personal talismans, Christian Dior's lucky star and favourite rose now adorns the Mini d De Dior, making this edit of the petite watch an adventurer's timepiece you won't soon be leaving home without. 

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