MB&F uses eight legs to bring you the new Arachnophobia collection

MB&F uses eight legs to bring you the new Arachnophobia collection

Incy Wincy

Text: Vimidamini Haridasan

Love spiders? Then MB&F has just the timepiece collection for you

Since it first began in 2005, MB&F has been known to produce interesting and extreme timepieces. Their most visually powerful to date, Arachnophobia, is certainly no exception. This three dimensional sculpture tells the time with the help of two hands and eight legs.

MB&F Aracnophobia

Inspired by the giant spider sculpture called Maman by Louise Bourgeois, MB&F founder Maxmilian Büsser combined his love for art and his overactive imagination to create the unusual timepiece. Engineered and crafted by Switzerland's only specialised high-end clock manufacturer, L'Epée, the body of the spider showcases the hours and minutes on a black dome, while the head contains the regulator and oscillating balance wheel.

MB&F Aracnophobia 2

Fitted onto the body by ball-and-socket joints, are the legs of the spider that can be rotated to allow the clock to either sit beautifully on a desk or, to add further visual impact, hang from a wall. Pro tip: Push the front legs forward, and you can make the life-like timepiece look like it is about to bite something; a realistic touch that is sure to capture the attention of guests in any home.

MB&F Aracnophobia Gold

Available in both black and 18 carat yellow gold finishes, the materials used were carefully selected to ensure that the final product not only looks realistic but also meets the highest standards of high-watchmaking. In gold, the legs of the spider are made using gilded brass that is polished to perfection while the black sees injected mould aluminium in the hands of master finishers who grind, satin-finish, polish and then lacquer the legs to complete the ticking spider.


Set the clock by winding the key on the underside of the spider, only if you dare of course.

The Hour Glass is the proud exclusive distributor of MB&F.