MB&F goes platinum with the new Legacy Machine

The legacy continues

MB&F goes platinum with the new Legacy Machine
MB&F unveils a new addition to their series of Legacy Machines — the LM101 Platinum

Take MB&F founder Maximilian Büsser's fascination with the 19th century merged with the very best of modern day watch technology and you'll have the Legacy Machines — a rich manifestation of horology heritage with a contemporary structure.

Rooted in watchmaking tradition, the Legacy Machine 101 (LM101) Platinum is the latest edition of the Legacy Machines. An embodiment of the elements that make a quintessential wristwatch, a precision regulating balance wheel winds in tandem with lacquered sub-dials upon the striking blue face of the LM101. The sedately oscillating dials capture the eye and are driven by the very first in-house developed calibre. Renowned master watchmaker Kari Voutilaninen oversaw the crafting of the exclusive movement, ensuring a flawless performance that parallels the historical legitimacy of early timepieces.

MB&F LM101 Platinum

Sized at 40mm, the LM101's magnificence is encased in a high-gloss dome to create the illusion of a floating spatial wheel balance. Hand polished twin arches curve elegantly away from the wheel balance, finishing the timepiece with a glassy lustre. As equally impressive as its watch face, the back of the LM101 is a finely fashioned series of mesmerising arcs that display the exquisite craftsmanship attributed to MB&F.

MB&F LM101 Platinum

Bridging a 100-year gap between its 19th century inspiration with its realisation in 2016, MB&F's Legacy Machine 101 Platinum is unquestionably a testament to the brand's horology history.

The Legacy Machine 101 Platinum is available at authorised retailers. Limited to 33 pieces.

Text: Angelyn Kwek

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