MB&F's award winning Horological Machine No.6 strikes gold

MB&F's award winning Horological Machine No.6 strikes gold

Out of this world

Text: Khairunnisa Fazlur Rahman

MB&F releases the design forward HM6 Space Pirate in 18K red gold

The whimsical beauty that is the HM6 Space Pirate is no stranger to the ample attention that comes with its design, recently affirmed with its attainment of the "Best of the Best" prize at the Red Dot Gala in Essen, Germany. Described as a spacecraft for the wrist, the abstract and futuristic body of the timepiece impresed with its organic curved lines and sapphire crystal domes. Previously released in titanium as an exclusive edition of 50 pieces, the brand's latest offering – the HM6 RT – takes on a satin finished tarnish resistant red gold available in a limited number of 18 pieces.  

The initial draw of MB&F's watches might be design centric, and no doubt excites the aesthetically driven horological buff, but function is well on the table to back it up. In the case of the HM6 RT, the timepiece boasts a flying-tourbillon with retractable shield, wear-minimising turbines and a 475-component automatic winding movement. With the body crafted from individual ingots of "5N+" 18K red gold and palladium as an addition to the usual mix of gold and copper, the masterpiece promises to stand the test of time. 

The combination of a burnished finish and its futuristic aesthetic truly places the HM6 RT as a timepiece that's out of this world.