#FirstClassFriday: MB&F Horological Machine N°7 Aquapod

#FirstClassFriday: MB&F Horological Machine N°7 Aquapod

Splish splash

Text: Angelyn Kwek

MB&F drops its most organic-looking watch yet with a jellyfish doppelganger, otherwise known as the Horological Machine N°7 Aquapod

Inspiration comes from all around, and it would seem the impetus for the new MB&F Horological Machine N°7 Aquapod was prompted by a family beach holiday wherein brand founder Maximilian Büsser had a run-in with a jellyfish. An origin story that goes a long way in explaining the three-dimensional, domed profile of the Aquapod — also abbreviated as the HM7 — the timepiece is a meld of the mechanic and the organic as its spherical, jellylike exterior cocoons a cutting-edge engine made of 303 working parts, wholly conceived and manufactured in-house.

MB&F Horological Machine No.7 Aquapod

A top down view reveals a central flying tourbillon as the uppermost layer in a uniquely designed concentric vertical calibre, with the hour and minute indices curved around this core component like ripples echoing from a focal point. Impressive to behold at a single glance, the underside of the HM7 is just as captivating, wrought with spines that mimic the tentacles of its oceanic counterpart within which sits its power source, an automatic winding rotor. Interestingly, this emulates how a jellyfish produces energy via food trapped among its limbs. Ringed by a ceramic unidirectional bezel as is customary of dive watches — you know, what with all the undeniable aquatic references — despite not being a true-to-function dive watch to be taken down into the depths, this element is also manifested differently, floating around the Aquapod like a life buoy instead of being attached.

MB&F Horological Machine No.7 Aquapod

And just when you thought this avant-garde piece of horology couldn't be more alike to its jellyfish muse, the watch even glows in the dark the same way as the luminescent creatures. Lighting up along the hour and minute indexes as per the norm, the Aquapod glows around the inside of the movement and the winding rotor too, making the entirety of the timepiece an amazing article to goggle at. But enough of our droning; we'll let this illuminating clip (pun intended) do the talking instead:

The MB&F Horological Machine N°7 Aquapod is available at authorised retailer The Hour Glass, limited to 33 pieces in blue and 66 pieces in red gold.

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