MB&F unveils its third-generation HM6 machine, the Alien Nation


Text: Angelyn Kwek

The aliens are taking over the haute horlogerie realm with MB&F’s Horological Machine N°6 Alien Nation

Keeping an eye out for extraterrestrial beings just got real with the latest Horological Machine from MB&F. Deemed Alien Nation, the HM6 is a spacecraft crossed with the finest in horological complexity — and piloted by no less than a crew of six intergalactic beings. Built upon the predecessors in the HM6 series, the Space Pirate and the Sapphire Vision, the timepiece is crafted completely from sapphire crystal using 12 separate blocks to assemble its spacefaring body. For this transparent case to be perfectly flawless, 510 hours of machining and polishing are required; the extraneous man-hours caused by the breakage of the delicate components during the process not withstanding.

MB&F HM6 Alien Nation

Looking entirely out-of-this-world, the HM6 houses an equally radical core — the result of 3 years of intense development to construct a three-dimensional, 496-piece engine. Featuring twin aluminium turbines lit with super luminova, a flying tourbillon and a platinum battle axe-shaped automatic winding rotor viewed from the caseback, the mechanism displays the hour and minutes in two domes that rotate on a plane perpendicular to the rest of the movement. Finishing this singular, inimitable watch are bands of luminous, high-performance AGT Ultra that lights up the HM6 much like a ship zipping through space in hyperdrive.

MB&F HM6 Alien Nation

And manning this MB&F craft are the silver-hued aliens, headed by their captain perched on the exterior while the crewmembers bustle inside, positioned at the rotors in the back or manning the gears. Of course, alien spotting is no easy feat, what with each of the space creatures measuring no more than a sliver, hand-sculpted in white gold by engraver Oliver Kuhn. Barely perceptible, the limbs of a single alien are as slim as 0.25mm — to put things into perspective, a grain of sand has a diametre of 0.5mm. It's almost like a game of trying to find a needle in an intergalactic haystack. With only four unique HM6 Alien Nation pieces in the universe, the space age has truly landed.

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