Stacked in spirals: The Louis Vuitton Idylle Twist collection

Bend it like Vuitton

Stacked in spirals: The Louis Vuitton Idylle Twist collection
Louis Vuitton drops the next evolution of Monogram Flowers with the Idylle Twist collection

Style icons may be forever, but even these venerated symbols need a bit of jazzing up here and there lest they slip into stagnation or are deemed 'dusty'. Not so in the case of Louis Vuitton's Monogram Flowers — which have been impressed upon many a house signature from statement bags to jewellery — cultivating a plethora of brand loyalists that have seen this motif progressively evolve from one collection to the next. Given another fresh interpretation this season, the florals now grace an open bracelet, tipped on one end with the iconic blossom and the other with a closed-set solitaire.

An incarnation that's contemporary and minimalist, the Monogram Flowers are now cast in pink, white and yellow gold — transformed into the Idylle Twist bracelets with a modern flexibility to its form. So named for its supple silhouette that stretches and coils to slip on and off easily, each piece is crafted with memory shape technology that lets it spring back into its original contours with nary a fracture. Beautifully simplistic on its own, the Idylle Twist can even be ramped up according to the 'strength in numbers' adage by wearing it in twos and threes (or even by the dozens for the fashion-forward) in any combination of metals. Now this is arm candy that simultaneously plays to classic perpetuity and the oh-so-trending art of jewellery stacking.

The Idylle Twist collection is available at Louis Vuitton boutiques.

Text: Angelyn Kwek

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