Perpetuating the tradition of travel: The Louis Vuitton Escale Worldtime Blue

Perpetuating the tradition of travel: The Louis Vuitton Escale Worldtime Blue

Colours of the world

Text: Angelyn Kwek

Louis Vuitton’s new Escale Worldtime Blue makes touring the world a colourful and stylish affair

The notion of luxury travel is almost always irrevocably tied to Louis Vuitton, and now the house has rolled out another globehopping essential in the form of the Escale Worldtime Blue that bears a new dial. Directly inspired by its customisation services where Vuitton loyalists could personalise their travel trunks with colours, initials and emblems, the reinvented Escale Worldtime is adorned with a myriad of vibrant pictograms, between which the fresh, rich blue of the dial peeks through. 

Seemingly kaleidoscopic-like at a glance, each colour — of which there are 38 in total — was precisely applied by a master craftsman using the technique of miniature painting, and a completed dial takes no less than 40 hours of love and labour. Coming together as a cohesive piece of art crossed with horology, a black triangle topped by a yellow marker centres the 41mm-sized watch — the indicator that denotes the time and reference city. And it is around this arrow that the worldtime function revolves, mounted on three mobile discs moving in synchronicity by an in-housed manufactured LV106 automatic calibre. The large outermost disc, comprised of two layers, labels the initials of the major cities while a constantly rotating middle disc is shaded in white and navy blue, with each half differentiating the night and day hours. Both ring around the smallest disc, printed with the minute index, which is further highlighted by a contrasting minute-circle. A piece of watchmaking wizardry in every aspect, the Escale Worldtime Blue is exactly the one for the jetsetting trailblazers.

Louis Vuitton Escale Worldtime Blue

The Escale Worldtime Blue is available at Louis Vuitton boutiques.