A Kingsman’s choice: The Tag Heuer Connected smart watch

The spy who wore Tag

Text: Angelyn Kwek

And all the Kingsman #don’tcrackunderpressure

Move aside MI6, there's a new spy organisation saving the world and they're doing it in style. Strapped with a Tag Heuer Connected watch — all the better to complement their sharp sartorial sense — the Kingsman agents are poised to take the screen by storm in the highly anticipated sequel, Kingsman: The Golden Circle. More than just a pretty watch face, the elegant smart watch is a piece of spy hardware that will see the Kingsman through trial and tribulations, from underwater missions and intensive hand-and-umbrella combat action to spectacular explosions.

Chosen for its sleek silhouette and hardwearing capabilities, the dapper Tag Heuer Connected is accompanied by the legendary Monaco Calibre 11, which will outfit the Statesman agents — Kingsman's cousin spy agency from across the pond. Renowned as flagship models of Tag Heuer, why not play a little spot of 'I Spy' to freeze-frame the watches in the official trailer above? Failing (or succeeding) that, drop by Mr Porter where a curated Kingsman collection is available to discreetly pick out your own piece of spy gear.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle will debut in cinemas on 22 September. Shop the Kingsman collection on Mr Porter here.