Get your first look at the Santos de Cartier film campaign, starring Jake Gyllenhaal

Take flight

Text: Angelyn Kwek

Cartier unveils the highly anticipated campaign for the Santos, headlined by its newest ambassador Jake Gyllenhaal

In what is the quickest turnabout since news first dropped about Jake Gyllenhaal becoming the Santos de Cartier man, the maison has now dropped the film campaign following the hype that surrounded its annual international party celebrating the iconic watch. And in true Cartier fashion, no expense was spared to create the abstract, fantasy-esque storyboard that paid tribute to the aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont — you know, flight pioneer, friend of Louis Cartier, and the OG who inspired the very watch Gyllenhaal now represents.

Directed by Seb Edwards, who brings to the project his signature filmmaking aesthetic, the advert (though coming in at only a minute's duration) is packed with powerful imagery that references elements of Santos-Dumont's life and his irrepressible ambition in taking to the skies. By capturing the sensibilities of the man, Edwards imagined what his dreams might have looked like, as well as his obsession with flight, speed and danger; details which he wove into the campaign with cutaways of an airplane cruising among the clouds and Gyllenhaal burning rubber on a motorbike. The campaign also sees the actor braving fog-filled streets into the unknown as an allusion to the thrill-seeking spirit and unstoppable, boundary-pushing aspiration that drives the Santos de Cartier man. An artistic visualisation of adventure and sheer possibilities, this is the new legend of the Santos de Cartier and it's a call to let your imagination take flight.