Dashing and debonair: Hublot x Berluti

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Dashing and debonair: Hublot x Berluti
Hublot and Berluti have jointly created two outstanding timepieces that will put you above the common man

Every stylishly slicked gentleman will attest that it's the fine details that maketh the man. From impeccable stitching to marvelously grained leather, only the best will do when it comes to masculine sophistication. Delivering this distinction in a union of bespoke and haute horlogerie; Hublot has collaborated with Berluti to craft the Classic Fusion Berluti timepieces.

Renowned for their signature Venezia leather and their famed patina, Berluti is the natural partner to collude with Hublot, the watch world's boundary-breaking innovator. Pooling together their respective expertise, two uniquely distinguished watches bearing dynamic charisma and bold characters are born from the fusion: The Classic Fusion Berluti All Black and the Classic Fusion Berluti Scritto.

Hublot x Berluti Classic Fusion

Another feather in Hublot's cap, these leather-fitted timepieces go beyond the traditional approach, repurposing the material to craft organic dials the likes of which horology has not seen. A feat in and of itself, perfecting the nuances between the strap and the dial was a trial that required substantial skill in order to achieve the perfect balance. These straps are crafted using the same detailed process that Berluti applies to their shoe leather. From the patterning and cutting to final assembly, each piece is hand worked by master artisans.

Waxed and brushed to perfection, the resulting pieces are well worth the hours put into its creation for this artful combination is singularly exclusive. Elegant and classic, they are the discerning chap's ideal companions that wear as beautifully as they function. Plus they'll pair wonderfully with all your other Berluti swag.

Hublot x Berluti Classic Fusion

The Classic Fusion Berluti All Black

Dressed entirely in jet black, this monochrome marvel sports a nero grigio Venezia handmade strap that takes after the art of scarification where Berluti's signature 'Gaspard' incision traces a seam along the band. A black ceramic 45mm-sized frame displays the fine leather dial to its full noir magnificence, and the Hublot HUB1100 mechanical self-winding movement powers its movement.

Hublot x Berluti Classic Fusion

The Classic Fusion Berluti Scritto

A stunningly intricate model, the calf leather strap is expertly carved with a scrolling script inspired by 18th century calligraphy. Glided in a tobacco bis hue, artist Olga Berluti has fashioned this piece as an homage to the calligraphic arts. Complemented by the warm tones of Hublot's satin-finish 18K King Gold, the Scritto bears the same HUB1100 calibre beneath its refined leather dial. 

Hublot x Berluti Classic Fusion

The Hublot Classic Fusion Berluti is a limited edition collection, with 500 units of the All Black and 250 units of the Scritto available at The Hour Glass.

Text: Angelyn Kwek

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