Hermès constructs an haute horlogerie playground in the heart of town

Hermès constructs an haute horlogerie playground in the heart of town

An Hermès object

Text: Angelyn Kwek

Explore time through the eyes of Hermès with an exhibition at Ngee Ann City

There's a curious setup situated right in the middle of Ngee Ann City's atrium, replete with monolithic windows and moving scenography. Skirting around the perimeter with your interest peaked will see inquisitive folks taking a step into a maze-like circuit... and into the world of Hermès time. Raised as a platform for the public to explore its timepieces, the exhibition is a playground where haute horlogerie and a sense of whimsy co-exists, represented by pulsating lights and full-length kaleidoscopic screens that encourage visitors to interact with the displays.

An experience that spins the concept of time as a liberated entity, traipsing through the space lets one appreciate the hours with a personal close-up of several Hermès novelties, such as the Slim d'Hermès L'heure Impatiente and the playfully irreverent Grrrrr! watch. Coming out at the end segues into the Hermès boutique sitting catty corner from the exhibition as time stretches on with a secondary display inside the store. So come away on a light-hearted jaunt to discover time with the Hermès perspective.

Hermès Time exhibition

The Hermès Time exhibition is located at the atrium of Ngee Ann City and is open to the public from 27 October to 5 November.

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