The Hermès Arceau takes on a new, stylish equine persona

The Hermès Arceau takes on a new, stylish equine persona

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Text: Angelyn Kwek

Hermès reaffirms its affinity for horses with the new Arceau Cavales timepieces

A bit of horseplay is kind of par for the course when you're talking about Hermès. After all, nobody does whimsy and elegance quite like 'em, sprinkled with a dash of the paradoxical on top. A branding that's uniquely Hermès, the new Arceau Cavales pushes forward the maison's aesthetic with its divergent design once again as three new novelties gallop onto the scene following the colourful team of horses unveiled at SIHH earlier in the year.

Just like the vibrantly painted Casaque, which curve for curve matches the Henri d'Origny-designed original in 1978, the new Cavales rocks the same asymmetrical lugs iconic to the Arceau family. Intersecting this with pure lines for that Hermès look of relaxed sophistication, details such as a marquetry dial cut from mother-of-pearl creates the famous 'Cavales' motif and an unusual gemsetting on the inner bezel ring lends the watch an edge of creative boldness. Similarly attired in diamonds but on the bezel instead, the darker iteration of the Cavales inverts the illuminated gleam of its ivory-hued counterpart with a deep black dial that combines the champlevé technique with lacquering. Equal parts sparkling and discreet, surely these are horses you'd want to go on a walkabout with.

The Arceau Cavales is available at Hermès boutiques.

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