A humanitarian timepiece: Harry Winston’s Countdown to a Cure

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A humanitarian timepiece: Harry Winston’s Countdown to a Cure
In the spirit of altruism, Harry Winston supports The Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR) in their noble quest to seek a cure

What more appropriate way is there to represent a race against time than with a distinguished timepiece? Indeed, the house of Harry Winston has expressly crafted a watch that shares amfAR's philanthropic cause to develop a cure for HIV.

With firmly rooted beliefs and a strong legacy, amfAR and Harry Winston mirrors several aspects, such as their unwavering commitment to scientific exploration for technological advancements to better mankind. Co-founded by Hollywood actress then later humanitarian activist Elizabeth Taylor, amfAR has been tirelessly advocating education and research to combat the AIDS epidemic for over half a century. Though joining the campaign late, Harry Winston pulls their share of the weight by introducing the Countdown to a Cure timepiece, designed exclusively for amfAR to financially support their research endeavours.

Harry Winston Countdown to a Cure Men's

With different variations for men and women, Countdown to a Cure is constructed as part of the classic Midnight Collection. The men's version comes in a 42mm dial of navy blue encircled by a gradient ring — the signifier of amfAR's triumph over AIDS from crisis to cure. For women, a more feminine model advocates the cause with 12 exquisitely cut diamonds and 19 brilliant gems ranging from sapphires to spessartite garnets studded upon the 32mm dial.

These haute horlogerie dignitaries of amfAR and Harry Winston symbolise the partnership between the two American greats as they collaborate in a sprint to the finish line in 2020, igniting the hope for millions of HIV carriers around the world to have a healthier future.

Harry Winston Countdown to a Cure Women's

The limited edition Countdown to a Cure timepiece will be sold exclusively at the Harry Winston boutique. 20% of the proceeds will go to amfAR.

Text: Angelyn Kwek

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