The Glashütte Senator Excellence — A classic made new

The Glashütte Senator Excellence — A classic made new

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Text: Angelyn Kwek

The German luxury watchmaker premieres a new innovative calibre

Proving their mastery in fine watchmaking, Glashütte has delineated the essence of timekeeping with an intricate calibre that heralds a new generation in their long history. A timepiece of innovative significance that is at once user-friendly and groundbreaking, the maison debuts the Senator Excellence powered by the Calibre 36.

A movement wholly manufactured in-house by Glashütte Original's designers and watchmakers, this state-of-the-art calibre is renowned for its extreme stability. Developed with judicious attention to detail, Calibre 36 is an automatic, compact movement that removes extraneous components which contributes to wear and tear — such as the traditional detent click in winding systems. Instead, an innovative bayonet mount sustains the movement, resulting in optimal performance that is exceedingly shock-resistant. The compact assembly also has the additional benefit of allowing the Senator Excellence to be serviced easily.

Glashütte Senator Excellence

Silicon technology further contributes to its extreme precision as the chronometre is fitted with a balance spring made from this high-tech material. The ultra-thin piece is immune to temperature change and disruptions from magnetic fields, ensuring the oscillation remains unaffected regardless of where and how you wear the Senator Excellence. A bi-directional winding mechanism also acts as a safeguard for the calibre as it ensures the movement stays within the optimal charge range.

A solid powerhouse, the Calibre 36 has a reserve of up to 100 hours — a Glashütte Original first. Running at a frequency of 4 Hertz, this authentic construction uses a singular spring barrel specifically crafted with an increased diametre, allowing for a lengthened mainspring that sharply increases the number of winding turns. The Senator Excellence can thus be fully wound up to four days without the need to re-set the time.

Glashütte Senator Excellence

Pairing their cutting-edge horology with the classic elegance of the Senator series, and a comfortable wear, the beauty of the Calibre 36 translates to the exterior with Glashütte's iconic minimalist design. A gently domed, anti-reflective sapphire crystal frames the understated dial — with a unique black edition highlighted with luminous numerals — marked by the maison's logo and encircled with a slim bezel in polished stainless steel or red gold. With distinctive indexes complemented by a finely ribbed crown, the Senator Excellence is an unpretentious, modern chronometre that epitomises the pioneering essence of Glashütte Original.

The Senator Excellence is available at the Glashütte Original boutique at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.