Glashütte’s PanoMatic Lunar brings you closer to the moon

Glashütte’s PanoMatic Lunar brings you closer to the moon

Heavenly hour

Text: Vimidamini Haridasan

The moon phase cycle is the star of the PanoMatic Lunar by Glashütte Original

Used since the 16th century, the cycle of the moon has been an integral part of watchmaking and history. In commemoration of its role, the German watch manufacturer Glashütte re-launched the PanoMatic Lunar in 2012. This year, the 39.4mm PanoMatic Lunar releases two new models in the PanoMatic Lunar for men and PanoMatic Luna for women.

With an off-centre arrangement of the hour and minute hands, the dial features a window that shows the moon's progress. For men, the PanoMatic Lunar comes in two designs, each with alligator leather straps. In a polished red-gold case with a matte black dial and red straps the moon phase is presented on a silver disc with gold stars, while the design with dark blue straps comes with a polished stainless steel case, blue dial and a white disc with blue stars.


Available in white mother-of-pearl and Tahitian mother-of-pearl, the PanoMatic Luna for women, is paired with a silver coloured moon phase display. Framing the case, are 64 brilliant cut diamonds and a crown set with a white brilliant-cut diamond. Pair the timepiece with black, white or brown straps according to your taste. The timepieces are made in Pforzheim in Germany and feature Glashütte's most refined manual labour and traditional watchmaking crafts.