German jeweller Niessing encourages utmost creativity with its customisable collection, Tattoo

German jeweller Niessing encourages utmost creativity with its customisable collection, Tattoo

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Text: Karishma Tulsidas

In a sea of homogenous fashion followers, the buzzword in luxury today is no doubt individualisation. An increasing number of brands are offering customisation options to discerning customers, who can choose to monogram their bag with their initials, select the colour of their new moccasins, or even personalise their ring with an engraving on the underside of the band. It's different from bespoke, which entails creating your own design from ground-up.

Bridging the gap between bespoke and customisation is German jeweller Niessing, which offers such an extensive range of permutations and combinations to choose from that it almost feels personalised. Those looking for a unique wedding band can select from 13 alloys of gold (sunbrushed, matte or glossy) and platinum; myriad sizes and widths; and a series of different diamond settings.

You can customise Niessing's Tattoo collection

You don't have to be a bride or groom to enjoy Niessing's customisation options: the award-winning German jeweller has recently introduced another customisable collection to its family, this time using an exclusive silver alloy. It's the first time that Niessing that utilised silver for its jewellery, and it plays the role of alchemist exceedingly well. This particular alloy is infused with gold, and does not tarnish over time, unlike sterling silver. It's also not that high-shine finish that you associate with silver - in fact, Niessing has conceptualised three distinctive colours for this line, Lava, Lime and Rose.

This silver alloy is used exclusively in the Niessing Now collection, which comprises four families, Galaxy, Twist, Facet and Tattoo. In true German fashion, the jewellery isn't loud or opulent; instead, it's a modern interpretation of how we accessorise today. We stack and pile it on, and use it an expression of our creativity - the pieces from the four families can be easily worn on their own, or stacked for maximum effect.

But what caught our eye is certainly the Tattoo, which can be customised to your preference. All you have to do is select whether you'd like a pendant, ring or cuff; choose the silver colour you'd like, whether glossy or matte or both; and engrave it with an image or initial. Niessing has an extensive library of fonts and images, but if you wish, you can even upload your own picture. Now that's called being individualistic. 



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