Say your ‘I dos’ with the Fred Solitaire Force 10

Say your ‘I dos’ with the Fred Solitaire Force 10

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Text: Angelyn Kwek

You know love is eternal when you’re presented with the Fred Solitaire Force 10

Engagement ring designs come and go, but the cult status of Fred's Force 10 collection will withstand the test of time and ultimately, the bonds of commitment — till death do you part, you might even say. A contemporary love story spun from the maison's tapestry of passion, freedom and creativity where founder Fred Samuel's son created the legendary Force 10 bracelet as a gift to his wife upon once a time, the Bridal arm of this iconic series now launches the Solitaire Force 10 engagement ring to celebrate eternal love.

Exquisitely crafted as an entwined braided cable in platinum, the original Bridal collection pair comes in two versions: Unadorned and studded with 74 diamonds. Brilliant in its immaculate simplicity, the lineup now includes the new Solitaire Force 10 that bears a singular dazzling diamond perched in place with nearly imperceptible claws — a precious gem that comes in four different sizes, from 0.3 to 1 carat, for each couple's choosing. Stylishly unconventional yet radiating pure romanticism, this is love's most audacious symbol to preside over one's wedding vows.

The Solitaire Force 10 Bridal collection is available at the Fred boutique.