FRED's Pain de Sucre collection is a colour chameleon

FRED's Pain de Sucre collection is a colour chameleon

Cut above the rest

Text: Vimidamini Haridasan

The new, versatile medium-sized rings make accessorising a breeze

Cabochon gems have long been a favourite of jewellers due to the ease at which it can be set. Using the beautiful sugarloaf cut, FRED has unveiled the new Pain de Sucre collection of rings for the independent woman. The new offerings now join the mid-jewellery and mini range of the iconic Pain de Sucre collection, giving cabochon lovers more to choose from. 

What makes this a collection to have, you may ask. Well, the appeal is in the versatility of the rings which come with an interchangeable cabochon system. Adapting the accessory to your outfit and mood, the gems are said to reflect the light and sunny colours of Rio de Janeiro Bay, a place that Fred Samuel spent most of his childhood. From the sweet amethyst lavender and calcedoine to the hypnotic lapis lazuli, tanzanite and topaz, the gems are delectable and suit all the needs of a modern woman.