The new Fred Pain de Sucre rings are charming mini marvels

Petite perfection

The new Fred Pain de Sucre rings are charming mini marvels
Fred is unveiling a new collection of their beloved Pain de Sucre rings in a smaller counterpart

Contemporary femininity is all about subtle sensuality, and Fred has delivered the perfect fine-crafted accessory that illustrates these winsome traits with their new series of Pain de Sucre rings.

Immensely popular since its debut, these exquisite rings exemplify pared-back minimalist luxury, adored by women for its soft curved lines and sunlit rainbow-hued cabochons cut to resemble a sugar loaf (hence the name 'pain de sucre'). An extension from the previous collection, Fred reinterprets this icon with a slimmer band that elevates the glowing lustre of the precious stones but retains the creative free spirited essence that shaped the Pain de Sucre.

Fashioned in a solid-gold setting, this smaller form cuts a crisper silhouette that emanates casual elegance and a natural allure in four brilliant combinations. The slender fit lends it a versatility that allows it to be worn on its own, or stacked in a mix of colours. Sparkling a fresh vitality, the smaller Fred Pain de Sucre rings are the little things in life that bring light and joy.

The new small Pain de Sucre collection is available at the Fred boutique.

Text: Angelyn Kwek

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