Fred launches interchangeable plaques for its Pain de Sucre collection

Fred launches interchangeable plaques for its Pain de Sucre collection

Switch it up

Text: Angelyn Kwek

Fred plays a game of signet swap with new, interchangeable additions to its Pain de Sucre collection

Putting a new twist on a celebrated house icon can be seen in one of two ways; it's either genius or god-why-did-they-do-this. Happily, Fred's latest Pain de Sucre series falls into the former, introducing interchangeable plaques for its signet ring that sees an assortment of colourful precious gems gracing its distinctive setting.

A creative spin that elevates the Pain de Sucre's stylish edge, six mid-sized decorative stones has been launched, including tiger's eye, carnelian and white and gray mother-of-pearl. Trimmed in pink, yellow and white gold bases, these vibrant choices attach onto the medium and large signets, with an additional selection of plaques in satin or polished veneers for those who favour an unadorned aesthetic. Diamond-embellished plaques — with a single solitaire perched in a corner or fully paved — are also available for those looking for a hint of sparkle, or a lot of it. Brilliantly transformative, Fred has broken down the formality associated with signet bands with a new originality whilst retaining its classic elegance. Just picture it: Endless swapping and colour combos to wear seven ways to Sunday.

The new Pain de Sucre Signet Ring interchangeable additions are available at the Fred boutique.