The Fred Force 10 is strong with the power of black

The Fred Force 10 is strong with the power of black


Text: Angelyn Kwek

If you thought this colour was boring or safe, the new Fred Force 10 Precious Black will have you re-thinking that

To loosely quote Henry Ford of Ford Motors: "It can be any colour, as long as it's black." And this is one saying to take to heart, because luxury jeweller Fred has dropped an-all black edit of its famed Force 10 design that will make you look at the classic colour twice. Symbolising a transition in the maison's solar universe, the new Precious Black is likened to an eclipse that shadows the previous launch which saw the Force 10 come in a rainbow's worth of hues customisable to your heart's desires.

Intended as a quintessential layer that supplements the existing Force 10s — especially if you're into stacking and layering 'em on — the new variant works a black-on-black look with its cable and 18K PVD-coated gold clasp. Available in two bracelet sizes and a ring to round off the edit, Precious Black is limited to 1936 pieces, in part as a collector's item and to pay tribute to the birth year of the maison. Seen two ways as either an understated or statement colour, its curious juxtaposition bends the gender rules of accessorising, making this an unexpectedly multi-faceted and contemporary piece of jewellery, for everyone to pair with everything.

The limited edition Precious Black collection is available at the Fred boutique at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.

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