Chain reaction: Fred presents the latest interpretation of their classic icon

Chain reaction: Fred presents the latest interpretation of their classic icon

The strongest link

Text: Angelyn Kwek

May the Force be with you. The Fred Force 10, that is

Provenance plays a significant role in plenty a jewellery maison and this holds particularly true for Fred's Force 10 bracelet, a timeless piece shaped from a decades-old love for a woman.

First conceived in 1966, this icon has reinvented itself in various forms over the years. Undoubtedly, its origin borne from passion is the wellspring of its popularity but the perpetual appeal lies within its singular ability for endless combinations. Interchangeable with gold, steel or colourful cords as well as customisable buckle sizes in jewelled or plain surfaces, the Force 10 is a statement of casual elegance — one with a cherished heritage within Fred's history.

Today, this classic is remodeled into a new distinctive appearance featuring links in striking colourways of yellow, white or pink gold that loops through the characteristic buckle clasp. Relying upon the label's expertise in chain work, this modernisation is a fresh alternative to traditional twisted cables in addition to its interchangeable versatility. Scrupulously polished, the chain and buckle reflect light like a gleaming band upon the wrist.

The brilliance of the Fred Force 10 is a rarity: A classic that stands up to the test of time with a unique fluidity to mix and match throughout all of its components. This is a time-honoured piece of jewellery equally loved between both genders.


The Force 10 is available at the Fred boutique at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.