#FirstClassFriday: MB&F and L’Epee 1839 introduce Sherman, your new robot friend

#FirstClassFriday: MB&F and L’Epee 1839 introduce Sherman, your new robot friend

Pocket buddy

Text: Angelyn Kwek

Meet Sherman: He’s a robot on a mission to make the world a happier place

He's tiny, but he's tough. Sherman is the little guy with a great ability: He brings unadulterated joy to those around him with his sheer adorability, and he's always unfailingly reporting the time.

Proving that good things come in small packages, Sherman is solidly packed with a firm structural base that supports the clock display on his chest. His durable mineral glass dome head allows you a view into his 'brain' to peek at the regulator encased within that precisely controls time. Further supporting his frame is an extension of the mainspring barrel bridge going down his back to his tracks, movement spacers that double as sturdy shoulders, and bolt screw eyes for the regulator mechanism to sit on.

MB&F and L'Epee 1839 Sherman

Such defined and detailed craft can only be conceived by the joint collaboration between MB&F and L'Epee 1839, premier Swiss watchmaking establishments respectively. Imparting the same excellent treatments for luxury timepieces on Sherman, the mini robo-clock manufacture is polished, sandblasted and satin finished to gleaming perfection. His intricate regulator mechanism also features an Incabloc shock protection system to reduce handling damage, keeping the tiny robot going strong.

MB&F and L'Epee 1839 Sherman

While Sherman is not nearly as limber as BB-8, his rubberised tracks are not merely for just for show either. Fully functional, he can roll with best of them with a little help and his arms can be directed into any position you fancy to hold up a pen or two. Impressive hardware aside, Sherman is more than just a pretty clock-touting robot. He is in possession of a superpower that aids his altruistic mission: Producing smiles simply with his presence. An exceedingly rare ability only selected humans cultivate and even less clocks inherently possess.

A delightfully loveable combination of cutting-edge innovation and imagination, Sherman is the realisation of our inner child's desire for a chirpy, loyal and resourceful robot friend. As you've always fantasised, here's the real world R2-D2 to your Luke Skywalker.

Witness Sherman in action below:

Sherman is available in limited editions of 200 palladium-plated units, 200 gilded gold-plated units, and 50 diamond-set gilded units.