#FirstClassFriday: Les Talismans de Chanel

Jewelled lucky charms

#FirstClassFriday: Les Talismans de Chanel
Chanel weaves power, grace and protection into their latest haute joaillerie offering, the Les Talismans de Chanel

Everything Chanel does is magical and momentous — and the same is said for their new Les Talismans de Chanel collection.  A glowing fine jewellery assemblage that carries a certain compelling dynamism that rings with a mysterious potency, even the most obtuse of individuals will perceive its might and beauty.

Chanel Les Talismans de Chanel collection

A fabrication of well-wishes and skilled expertise that hails an intricate quatrefoil design at the heart of the collection, every meticulously crafted piece in the Les Talismans de Chanel resonates a hypnotic sparkle that drapes its wearer in a cloak of protective aura — a veritable amulet of infinite strength. And like a well of inexhaustible energy, these creations of diamonds, cultured pearls, sapphires and colourfully lacquered metalwork bring to life an intensity rivalling pure emotion to fuel the quixotic soul.

Chanel Les Talismans de Chanel collection

With flawless pieces such as bold brooches, striking bracelets and romantic earrings that come together to form a magical parure of bejeweled enchantment, the Les Talismans de Chanel is the luxurious lucky totem of haute joaillerie that empowers all who slip it on.

Discover part of the collection's magic here:

The Les Talismans de Chanel is displayed in a special installation from 19 August to 30 September at the Chanel Fine Jewellery boutique.

Text: Angelyn Kwek

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