#FirstClassFriday: The Hermès Médor Secrète

A wondrous dazzle

#FirstClassFriday: The Hermès Médor Secrète
Hermés combines the beauty of the pyramids with a diamond-studded exterior in a radiantly incandescent interpretation of the Médor Secrète

It takes an imaginative and artistic maison like Hermés to craft a stunning piece that merges haute horlogerie with haute joaillerie. Appropriating the term 'dripping in diamonds', the new Médor Secrète is a jewellery cuff watch draped in thousands of precious gems that will put even the most exquisite diamond bracelets to shame.

Composed of ten pyramids interlinked to encircle the wrist, this brilliant incarnation of the Médor Secrète enriches the sprit of an iconic collection first launched in 1993. A distinctive geometric symmetry that captures the light, the craft of this signature piece requires the hand of an artisanal gemsetter with a precise eye, whose skill is conveyed via the delicate placement of the gems.

FCF Hermès Medor Secrète Jewellery Watch

With arched sides rising from a square base, the gemsetter first hollows out a seat for the gem. Each seat is specially proportioned to fit the size of each pre-chosen gem, a process known as snow-setting wherein the artist first selects a mosaic of diamonds with several diametres. Each stone is then individually set onto the four pyramid faces with meticulous care to ensure the full luminosity of each diamond, the resulting effect of which is a vividly shimmering surface that enraptures.

FCF Hermès Medor Secrète Jewellery Watch

An unbroken line of exquisite brilliance formed by 4,379 diamonds, the largest pyramid discreetly hides the watch — a white lacquered dial surrounded by four rhodium pyramid appliqués and secured with a special push-button. Housing a Swiss quartz movement beneath its minimalist dial adorned with four petite pyramid hour markers, the Médor Secrète also features a subtle adjustment system with the crown located on the case back for a seamless silhouette.

Exemplary of maison Hermès and their creative boldness, this shimmering magnificence is a graphic, contemporary embodiment of the house's resolute spirit and their forte in artistic refinement.

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Text: Angelyn Kwek

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