#FirstClassFriday: The exclusive Fendi Policromia jewellery timepiece

Mesh of the titans

Crafted in collaboration with jewellery designer Delfina Delettrez Fendi, the Policromia is set to conquer the worlds of haute horlogerie and joaillerie

Birthed from Greek lore and tempered with the artistic hand of Fendi in conjunction with celebrated jewellery designer Delfina Delettrez Fendi, the Policromia jewellery watch cuts a surreal silhouette wreathed in timeless beauty and intrigue. A divine piece of fine watchmaking descended from the Greek words poly to mean 'multiple' and khrôma for 'colours', its namesake alludes to the unification of vivid hues and diverse materials layered with precious inserts upon its singular dial.

Fendi Policromia jewellery watch

Fabricated with cutting-edge innovation and a creative audacity, the Policromia's every facet derives a unique three-dimensional volume reminiscent of the Palazzo Della Civiltà Italiana, the building housing Fendi's headquarters in Roma. Playing up the undeniable allure of symmetry and geometry inspired by the rich architecture and vibrant cityscape that the Italian maison calls home, this exclusive timepiece translates the elements of Roman splendour into sleek graceful arches embellished with brilliant cut-diamonds on the case and watch face. Highlighted by the shimmering depth of mineral stones such as malachite — a signature material favoured by Delfina Fendi — alongside inserts of precious mother-of-pearl, the watch is further delineated by accents of white and yellow gold.

Fendi Policromia jewellery watch

A fascination of pure craftsmanship and wonder, the detailed intricacy of the timepiece shines through, from its polished contours to the Swiss-made movement within its sophisticated façade. Fusing tradition and avant-garde novelty, Fendi wields a hypnotic power with the Policromia where the mythical is now tangible.

The Policromia collection is available in Fendi boutiques.

Text: Angelyn Kwek

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