#FirstClassFriday: Cartier Magicien

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#FirstClassFriday: Cartier Magicien
It’s a charmed life with Cartier’s new Magicien haute joaillerie collection

Shifting, shimmering and scintillating — Cartier weaves wizardry with precious gems and stunning diamonds, illuminating dazzling creations that go beyond inert jewellery. An astonishing collection coming together like a magical phenomenon, the Magicien surrounds an enraptured audience with its spell that resonates with emeralds, rubellites, beryls and sapphires masterfully assembled into fascinating settings.

An expression of Cartier's genius and gifted expertise, the bold pieces of haute joaillerie comes to life, their intertwined layers of cut stones reflecting a facetted prism that sparkles with the maison's technical prowess to drape closely against skin like a veil of enchantment. A collection led by its voluminous dimensional necklaces, the French house imbues each magnificent creation with a touch of magic, such as the Incantation corolla necklace set with a sapphire centrepiece that can be removed from its fastening to be mounted onto its coordinating ring.

Cartier Magicien Fine Jewellery collection

Brimming with an illusionary depth that enthralls with its innovative aesthetics, another fascinating splendour is the Paillettes necklace that takes the beauty of shining light and twirls it into a diamond-paved wreath, trailed by a cluster of rose-cut yellow solitaires that glow like a fairy light. Fabricated in geometric designs that magnetises with a mysterious gleam, the Magicien collection spins another exquisite allurement that mimics nature's glory: The Quetzal set, a rippling reptilian bracelet that shimmers with a liberal tactility that draws inspiration from Aztec myth, resembling the sacred feathered serpent in its fluid lines and supple links finely carved into delicate feathering scales edged with vivid sugarloaf-cut rubellites. Paired with the complete ensemble's earrings that traces the rim of the ears, the charmed strokes of jewelled opulence wears just like magic, as Cartier intended.

Cartier Magicien Fine Jewellery collection

Otherworldly, innovative and utterly breathtaking, the Magicien collection moulds pristine blooms of pure brilliance into an artistic and bewitching assemblage — opening the eye to a wondrous world where magic and fine jewellery co-exist in a euphoric utopia:

The Magicien collection is available at Cartier boutiques.

Text: Angelyn Kwek

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