Hermès Faubourg watch: A physical manifestation of finesse

Hermès Faubourg watch: A physical manifestation of finesse

Engraved in stone

Text: Indah Jayanti

Sophistication now comes in luxurious shades of semi-precious stones

Created with time-honoured skills passed down from generation to generation of artisans, the Faubourg watch is truly a portable masterpiece. Lapis lazuli, onyx and malachite each presents its challenge during production for only the best hands can avoid splinters or cloudiness, and the best eyes discern the most beautiful of stones.

The expertise does not stop there. The handcrafted aspect of these Parisian beauties lends itself to various subtle and unique nuances catered to enhance each stone's allure. Framed by a precious 15.5 mm case, the lapis lazuli version comes in either white gold, rose gold or rose gold set with 48 diamonds. A white gold and rose gold gem-set variations are available in the onyx version and the malachite dial comes in a understated rose gold for a clean look. 

The Faubourg Watch will be available at Hermès boutiques next year.