#FirstClassFriday: The Dior et d’Opales collection is phantasmagoria come to life

#FirstClassFriday: The Dior et d’Opales collection is phantasmagoria come to life

Magic and mystery

Text: Angelyn Kwek

Explore the depths of the opal stone with the new Dior et d’Opales haute joaillerie collection

It's nothing short of kaleidoscopic wonder once you lay eyes on the Dior et d'Opales collection, made utterly magical by the hands of the maison's Parisian artisans. Resolutely beguiling with its mysterious, multi-dimensional lustre, this singular precious gem has headlined many a Dior jewellery collection since the house's beginnings and is now stunningly reprised in the latest haute joaillerie collection.

Dior Dior et d'Opales

Taking pride of place as one of fine jewellery director Victoire de Castellane's favourite stones, the opal sits as the centrepiece in every creation, its glimmering nuances echoed by a coterie of gems surrounding it, from diamonds and emeralds to rubies and Paraiba tourmalines. Cut to reveal unparalleled brilliance that accentuate the opal's fire — and set upon meticulously crafted metalwork — the awe is undoubtedly reserved for the statement bracelets that double up as secret watches: Majestically-bejewelled creations raved about during Haute Joaillerie spring 2017. Cleverly transformed with a simple shift of a pivoting opal 'cover' that flips away to display a diamond-embellished dial beneath, these opulent secret watches number eight in total — evidently done so as it was Christian Dior's favourite digit.

Dior Dior et d'Opales

Beyond the glitzy glamour of the collection's timepieces, Dior et d'Opales showcases a gorgeous variety of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings, similarly fashioned with intricate settings, but with a caveat that only diamonds are utilised. Why? Says de Castellane of this decision: "This time, it's all in diamonds because I find it a fabulous gemstone for offsetting a pale colour value: It reinforces a frozen aspect, as if the colours have been crystallized in a drop of water."

Well, you won't hear any complains from us. One of our top picks includes the Majestueuse Opal necklace that bears a scintillating centre stone and enough diamonds to mesmerise Elizabeth Taylor. Just like the perpetual fascination to be found in every facet and turn of the opal stone, so does the Dior et d'Opales collection weave a constant spell of enhancement you know you won't want ending anytime soon.

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