De Bethune's latest timepiece is fit for the game of kings

De Bethune's latest timepiece is fit for the game of kings

Flick of the wrist

Text: Vimidamini Haridasan

The Swiss watchmaker brings together functionality and style in a durable timepiece built to withstand the hard knocks of a polo game

To celebrate the brand's first sponsorship of the De Bethune Princely Polo Cup in Vaduz, Liechtenstein, De Bethune has released a limited edition 43mm timepiece in an exclusive batch of ten. The DB27 D Polo Edition Digitale is crafted with the game of polo in mind, and is not only a watch that is able to withstand the high impact polo players commonly sustain on the wrist — it is also a masculine and sleek addition to any horology buff's collection.

Its ultra sturdy 'hull' — that blends perfectly with the face — ensures that players will be able to read the digital hours display and time indicator at a glance even during the crux of a game. Made from machining hardened steel and topped with a carbon-based coating, the exetrior's durability is almost comparable to that of a diamond. The Calibre S233D from the Manufacture De Bethune paired with the brand's patented triple pare-chute shock-absorbing system protects the main mechanics of the timepiece from repeated, violent knocks common in the sport.

Short floating lugs and a 12 o'clock crown allows the watch to adjust to the wearer's wrist and provides ease and comfort of movement. A hand-engraved centrepiece of a pink gold medallion featuring two mallets and a white gold ball contrasts and complements the inky exterior of the timepiece — perfect example of style and functionality going hand in hand. 

The DB27 D Polo Edition Digitale is distributed exclusively by The Hour Glass in Singapore.