Chopard showcases its haute joaillerie expertise with the Magical setting

Chopard showcases its haute joaillerie expertise with the Magical setting

Flower power

Text: Karishma Tulsidas

While flora and fauna have long been natural muses to artists and designers, the use of flowers in jewellery became popularised not simply because of their form, but because of what they represented. Back in 1819-1820, an author by the pseudonym of Charlotte La Tour published a book called Language of Love, where she indicated the symbolism of each variety of flower: orange blossoms meant purity, ivy signified fidelity, tulips expressed love, and so on.

This would result in an explosion of flower-inspired jewels featured in full bloom, representing emotions and sentiments in the way words couldn't express. Today, we might have moved past these trite sentimentalities, our language of love as eloquent as swiping right and saying "Netflix and chill?" or asking our partner, "shall we buy a house together?" Still, flowers continue to bloom in jewellery designers' imaginations, their ephemeral and vibrant nature proving to be a limitless source of inspiration. Chopard is not immune to these charms, and has released its latest high jewellery creations rooted in the form and shape of the flower. Except this time, the Genevan maison has introduced an entirely new jewellery setting, charmingly called the Magical Setting.

The high jewellery department at Chopard is highly skilled at the art of jewellery setting

The skills of the maison's high jewellery department are put to task with this new setting, as the diamonds seem to be floating freely, with no links or claws holding them together. They come together in an explosion of sparkle, unencumbered by heavy metal prongs or claws, as if linked together by the tap of a wand. The collection features diamonds, blue sapphires from Sri Lanka, rubies from Mozambique and Madagascar, or emeralds from Colombia and Zambia. Each flower is anchored by a focal stone, that's surrounded by an array of precious gems. 

As is its tradition each year, Chopard recently walked the runway of the Maison Giambattista Valli haute couture show in Paris, the dreamy dresses matched by the peerless sparkle of the Swiss jeweller's creations.