Wear your joy on your wrist with the new Chopard Happy Sport collection

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Wear your joy on your wrist with the new Chopard Happy Sport collection
Life’s too short to wear boring watches. Go for Chopard’s Happy Sport in an all-new, brilliantly vivid colour lineup

If your idea of never-ending summer looks something like flashing a colourful timepiece all day every day, then the new Happy Sport novelties from Chopard is just the thing to give you that pizazz. The Swiss maison's icon of style and a delight to behold since 1993, this horology joy-bringer has remixed its design codes for an even brighter aesthetic, fitting its sporty façade with colourful straps that play up the dynamism of the collection.

On-trend with a saturated palette offering tangy shades in purple, bright pink and anise green, the latest Happy Sport iterations come in 36 and 30mm diametres of either steel or two-toned rose gold, within which freewheels the famous moving diamonds that gives the collection its namesake. The source of joy that puts a smile on your face whenever the gems dance across the dial, that happiness is now doubled with a DIY customisability to easily swap the straps according to your fancies. With vibrant options that toss the rules of convention out the proverbial window — your choices being only bold or bolder — the new Chopard Happy Sport is the summertime slogan watch that'll never wear out.

The new Happy Sport is available at Chopard boutiques.

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Text: Angelyn Kwek

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