How do you craft a snow-set timepiece the likes of the Chopard Happy Snowflakes?


Text: Angelyn Kwek

Look up ‘labour of love’ in the dictionary, and you’ll see the Chopard Happy Snowflakes as its definition. Discover the handcrafted expertise behind this wintry gem of a timepiece in the gallery above

It's a winter wonderland captured in a 36mm-sized dial, brimming with the iridescence of freshly fallen snow glittering in the sunlight. A combination of Chopard's iconic Happy Diamonds, the art of snow-setting, as well as delicate mother-of-pearl marquetry, several artistic crafts coalesce upon this striking timepiece, honed by a master dial-maker into pure splendour.

Further enhanced by a glittering, snow-set bezel — an embellishment that requires the gemsetter to use his instinct and expertise to individually hollow out the diamond settings — the frosted beauty of the Happy Snowflakes stays true to its name with free-wheeling solitaires whirling around the dial. And upon closer look, one of the 'Happy Diamonds' is a snowflake-shaped piece perfectly complementing the crystalline watch. Reminiscent of a snow globe but oh-so-much better, this here is winter in perfect poetry.

The Happy Snowflakes is exclusively available only at select Chopard boutiques, limited to 25 pieces.

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