Chopard is the creator of the very first Green Carpet Fashion Awards trophy

Chopard is the creator of the very first Green Carpet Fashion Awards trophy

Made in Italy

Text: Angelyn Kwek

As part of Milan Fashion Week, the Green Carpet Fashion Awards held its inaugural ceremony with Chopard co-headlining the event

Honouring a dozen laureates that include exceptional artisans, mills, producers and brands in 12 different categories, the Green Carpet Fashion Awards is arguably sustainable luxury's most prominent affair to date. Hosted as part of Milan Fashion Week, the very first edition of the awards — presented by Camera Nazionale della Noda and Eco-Age — spotlights not only the awareness for renewability in fashion but also the industry folks behind the scenes pushing for innovation and change. Given the eco attitude, is it any wonder that Chopard, with its long-standing values for ethical Fairmined practices, would be the perfect partner for the ceremony?

Proudly associated with the Green Carpet Fashion Awards, the maison is the creator behind the statuette for the ceremony, specially designed by co-president and creative director Caroline Scheufele. Crafted in Chopard's haute joaillerie workshops, the trophy features a pomegranate detailed with countless seeds that symbolise sustainability, and is wrought from Fairmined certified gold extracted by small-scale miners.

The Green Carpet Fashion Awards

"Designing the award was an honour that would have been impossible to pass up," said Scheufele. "These awards are closely aligned with our values at Chopard, especially with the Journey to Sustainable Luxury and the celebration of the artisans involved in all levels of our supply chain. It was only right that the statuette should reflect the values at the heart of the event."

Awarded to Chiara Vigo, the first ever Artisanal Laureate recipient, and the woman behind naturally woven sea silk, this is fashion taking a big eco leap into the future.

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