Choo Yilin brings back the Shophouse collection with a jade twist

Choo Yilin brings back the Shophouse collection with a jade twist

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Text: Angelyn Kwek

Your favourite Choo Yilin classic is now updated with an infusion of jadeite

If you've been faithfully following homegrown jeweller Choo Yilin since its inception, then the Shophouse collection is certainly no stranger to your jewellery box. And now almost exactly a year to the date, the award-winning label has launched a new iteration of this iconic series with a jade element that sees the timeless aesthetic of the Peranakan-inspired finery given a fresh embellishment.

Carved from Choo Yilin's signature Type A Burmese jadeite, this precious stone adorns the familiar emerald-cut, pastel-coloured gems — now expanded to include soft hues in sky blue topaz, smoky quartz and lemon quartz — to give the Shophouse collection a more overt oriental touch. The resulting pieces are a unique amalgam between structured lines and sleek curves that take a marked departure from the brand's usual design codes of floral filigree and lavish metalwork, bringing a streamlined yet no less graceful selection to the table. Consisting of a ring, earrings and necklace, the Shophouse Jade lineup is a rebooted classic you'd totally want to curate for your collection of heirloom jewellery.

The Shophouse Jade collection is available online and at the Choo Yilin flagship store at Mandarin Gallery, #02-23.